Vendor Application Forms

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Required Standards:

  1. All vendors to supply their own gazebo and tables, exhibition stand must have a clean table, table cloth, gazebo and must be clean, neat and tidy all the time
  2. Exhibition stand must not exceed 10 square meters or a caravan size.
  3. Vendors should ensure that they have the relevant license for their merchandise.
  4. If Vendors require electricity they should provide their own extension cables and mini generators as there will only be one main power point on first come first served basis.
  5. Loud music is not allowed.
  6. Vendors should provide their own lights for their stalls.
  7. Please note that each product line requires its own license.

Application Form:

Complete this application form and send it through to together with your product and photos of your stall display from previous events.

This will be subject to our management approval.

Application Requirements:

  1. An amount of 10% on sales has to be collected every day.
  2. Magical Sea & The Wonderland will be entitled to10% commission of the vendor’s gross sales per day.
  3. Magical Sea & The Wonderland has the right to evict a vendor if they do not adhere to the regulations of the event.
  4. All vendors have to abide to sell licensed items products.
  5. Setup of stalls has to be completed and ready for trading by 8am on day of event.
  6. All vendors should set up a day before the event and all cars should exit the event premises by 10 am on the day of the event for security reasons.
  7. No vendor will be allowed to trade on the following day should they not pay their 10% fees.